2010 CSUS Badminton Summer Open results

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2010 CSUS Badminton Summer Open results

Post by Simon on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:36 pm

Men A Single:
1st: Mike Phan
2nd: Charlie Do
3rd: Simon Leung

Men B Single:
1st: Jamal Afiff
2nd: Henry Chen
3rd: Robin Lyons

Men C Single:
1st: Zhi Song
2nd: Xang Yang
3rd: Leon Truong

Men A Double:
1st: Brandon Lai / Mike Phan
2nd: Woon Low / Raghuram Parvataneni
3rd: Henry Lim / Jimmy Wang

Men B Double:
1st: Kuan Chie Huan / Simon Leung
2nd: Robin Lyons / Raghu Trichur
3rd: Ben Yu / Kee Foo

Men C Double:
1st: Ben Yu / David Ng
2nd: Cynthia Nguyen / Yvonne Lee
3rd: Andy Tiet / Boon Chatlaong


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